Rooftop Anchor Fall Protection Systems

Industry-leading provider of rooftop safety solutions.

AnchorIncLogo_Final.pngRooftop Anchor was created in 2009 on the premise that all rooftops and work areas should have purpose-built technology to protect workers from easily preventable harm.

Today they are an industry-leading provider of rooftop safety solutions. They collaborate with building owners and architects to engineer, manufacture, and install custom rooftop technology for a variety of applications, and are known across the country as an industry leader in OSHA compliance.


Sector Guardrail Systems

Portable Guardrail

portable-guardrail.jpgDesigned to be easily installed section-by-section, the Portable Guard Rail system quickly adapts to suit your needs during construction, around roof access points, or when temporary hazards exist. The Rooftop Anchor patented, cantilevered design uses proprietary geometry to achieve maximum safety with minimal weight, and disperses weight across a large footprint to ensure that a roof’s membrane is never compromised. All prefabricated railing sections are available in a galvanized finish or powder coated safety yellow.


Modular Guardrail

Our modular foot design with offset guardrail attachment offers a unique cantilevered configuration for maximum safety and minimum weight, making for quick setup, repositioning, and takedown. Best of all, working within the safe zone created by the Sector Safety Systems requires no specific training or personal protective equipment. This system is installed along open-sided walking surfaces, roofs, terraces, balconies, stairways, ramps, and landings that expose workers to a fall of 4’ or greater, making them one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to comply with OSHA requirements.


NEW - Weathertite Systems Guardrail

weathertite-Versi-Guardrail-600x600.pngWeathertite Systems can be installed in less than ten minutes per base and are waterproofed at roof-height, featuring integrated, manufacturer-approved flashing.

The Weathertite Guardrail system is a passive safety system that offers fall protection without the need for engineering, annual inspections, or additional personal protective equipment.





Roof Hatch

RoofHatchAccessDoor.jpgProvides convenient, cost-efficient rooftop access, allowing for ladder and stair access to the roof from the interior of the building.

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Roof Hatch Safety Rails

RoofHatchRailLadderExtension.jpgA four-sided rail system with ergonomic hand-grip side rails, a self-closing gate with no pinch hinges, and integrated ladder extension rails that will hold steady in the event of a slip during ladder use and comply with OSHA and MIOSHA standards. It does NOT require the need for a Telescoping Pole for climb assist.

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Automatic Roof Hatch Opener

HandsFreePowerHatchLift.jpgThis is a patented system that provides the ability to open, close and lock the roof hatch from the ground level for roof access safety and security. Available in an energy-saving solar model or in a 110-volt system. Standard keypad or connection to customer’s control-access system ensures security for roof access.

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How to measure your existing hatch for safety rails
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